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By Posted on: Monday, January 19th, 2015

Oscars Screening 2015

Oscar Screening Web

We’re bringing Hollywood to St. John’s on February 12!
Join us on our red carpet at the LSPU hall for some wonderful short films.

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By Posted on: Friday, January 9th, 2015

Exhibition Copies

Tape formats, in order of preference:

HDCAM-SR 23.98 or 59.94
HDCAM 23.98 or 59.94
XDCAM-HD 23.98 or 59.94
DVCProHD (59.94 Preferred)
HDV (59.94, a.k.a. 60i, Preferred)
The frame rate, aspect ratio/letterboxing and audio layout must be specified on the tape label.

File Formats:

Quicktime MOV, using the following codecs in order of preference: – AVID DNxHD 145
– Apple ProRes 422 (regular, not HQ or LT)
– H.264


Frame rate, aspect ratio/letterboxing and audio layout should be specified in the file name or in an accompanying text file.

All Audio in the .mov files should be uncompressed Linear PCM.
MKV files are not acceptable, due to the difficulty in dealing with them.

NOTE: H.264 Quicktime files should only be used as a method to reduce file size for internet delivery. They are very highly compressed, requiring some additional processing to make the reels, and as such can actually degrade the quality and increase the time required to assemble the reels.

The film must start at an even hour timecode, and preferably be proceeded by a two beep or two pop which consists of one frame of bars and tone.

Exhibition copies of selected films/videos will be returned after the Festival by regular mail (unless specified otherwise and paid by the entrant). The Festival is not responsible in case of accidental damage or loss of entries, except when in the Festival’s possession. In case of loss or damage to a print, the obligation of the Festival is limited to compensating the filmmakers for the cost of making a new print.The Festival reserves the right to use excerpts (up to three minutes) and to reproduce photos of the production for promotion and publicity purposes.

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