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By Posted on: Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

Simone Kisiel Talks Feminist Horror and Her Fav Webseries

By Eva Crocker

WIFTV (Women in Film and Television Vancouver) are hosting a genre contest for women screenwriters, called From Our Dark Side. The winner receives a cash prize as well as some pretty exceptional opportunities to help promote and develop their project. To get you inspired to write your genre film outline I spoke to Simone Kisiel about her new feminist horror series ‘BUGS: A Trilogy‘.

Check out Simone’s horror webseries “Housed” and some of her current favorite webseries below!

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By Posted on: Monday, November 9th, 2015

Ruth Lawrence Recommends Some Hilarious Webseries

Ruth Lawrence co-wrote the webseries “Buy the Boards” with comedians, Luke Lawrence (who happens to be her son) and Matt Wright.

While writing “Buy the Boards” Ruth researched comedic webseries from around world, we asked her to recommend a few of her favourites.

“Buy the Boards” and Ruth’s top three are below for your viewing pleasure, be prepared to laugh a lung up.

Buy the Boards


The Casuals


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