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Now in its 14th year, our FRAMED Film Education Series offers free, high-quality filmmaking camps to youth in order to encourage, support and train them in the craft and business of filmmaking. Camps include FRAMED West, FRAMED Doc, a camp for documentary filmmaking; FRAMED Drama, a camp for fictional film; and FRAMED Animation, a camp that creates an animated film. Please visit our YouTube Channel to see FRAMED films!!

Tiffany making her mark on the set of 'Odd Socks'!

Tiffany making her mark on the set of ‘Odd Socks’!

What to expect over the course of the week!
Day 1: Workshop

Meet your fellow crew members and your filmmaking mentor! Day 1 is a chance to learn the basics of story telling through film, see previous FRAMED films, get acquainted with the equipment and discuss your topic!

FRAMED Drama 2013 Workshop
Days 2 and 3: Shooting

Working on location, each participant will have a chance to use the camera, the sound equipment, and perform the other essential roles that go into making a high-quality film!

FRAMED Doc 2013 Interview
Days 4 and 5: Editing

Working with a professional editor FRAMED participants learn about the editing process. Musical participants are also given a chance to write and record music for the film!

Editing DismissedIsabelle Making Music

FRAMED Documentary
24 Hour Film Challenge