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Now in its 12th year, our FRAMED Film Education Series offers free, high-quality filmmaking camps to youth in order to encourage, support and train them in the craft and business of filmmaking. Camps include FRAMED Doc, a camp for documentary filmmaking; FRAMED Drama, a camp for fictional film; and FRAMED Animation, a camp that creates an animated film. Please visit our YouTube Channel to see FRAMED films!!

What to expect over the course of the week!
Day 1: Workshop

Meet your fellow crew members and your filmmaking mentor! Day 1 is a chance to learn the basics of story telling through film, see previous FRAMED films, get acquainted with the equipment and discuss your topic!

FRAMED Drama 2013 Workshop
Days 2 and 3: Shooting

Working on location, each participant will have a chance to use the camera, the sound equipment, and perform the other essential roles that go into making a high-quality film!

FRAMED Doc 2013 Interview
Days 4 and 5: Editing

Working with a professional editor FRAMED participants learn about the editing process. Musical participants are also given a chance to write and record music for the film!

Editing DismissedIsabelle Making Music

FRAMED Documentary
24 Hour Film Challenge