Uncertain Spring Canada Carole Laganière Carole Laganière Les Productions Sous Zéro / Carole Laganière, Étienne Hansez Francis, mid-forties, is terminally ill with cancer in the palliative care unit of a hospital in Montreal. His 14-year-old niece visits him every day and sends him images of the outside hesitant spring as well as images of the person who turns her teenage heart.
Tipping Point USA Megan Flynn Amber Rapp Megan Flynn/Amber Rapp On the scales of justice where is the tipping point? A short drama about what happens after the streets and in the system.
The Woman Who Saw The Bear Canada Joannie Lafrenière Joannie Lafrenière Joannie Lafrenière Since 1980, Lucille Côté has lived in Laterrière, surrounded by more than 250 animals. With a silver mane and a candid demeanor, Lucille practices a craft that has long been the exclusive domain of men: taxidermy. Through various contemplative and country-flavoured tableaux, we meet a particular breed of taxidermist, living outside of the digital age, with enough skills to get by in the woods without a compass or a frying pan.
The View From Here Canada/NL Cole Hayley/Kyla Smith Elizabeth Hicks / Jordan Steinhauer Cole Hayley / Kyla Smith / Elizabeth Hicks / Jordan Steinhauer Chelsey Hicks is a 19-year-old woman from St. John's, Newfoundland. At the age of 13, her life was turned upside down when she lost her mother, Susan Hicks, to cancer. After struggling to cope with her tremendous loss and a PTSD diagnosis, Chelsey was able to find the ultimate therapy in dance.
The Truck Canada Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers Maryse Latendresse A day. An hour. A basement. Olivier and Sophie, both in a relationship, decide to cheat on their partners together. They were sure they had all figured out.
The Perfect Family Canada/NL Martine Blue Martine Blue Ruth Lawrence Ron Sierra Birdmom, a parrot-woman hybrid, and former circus performer, struggles to deal with her teenage daughter's new found embarrassment of her freakish family. The Perfect Family script won the 2014 NL Linda Joy Award.
The Goodnight Kiss Canada Laura Adkin Laura Adkin / David Lewis Victoria Angell Amy and Brandon have just ended what appears to be a very good first date. As they kiss we flash through their entire relationship. Which begs the question: if you knew how a relationship would end, would you start it in the first place?
The Garrick, Then and Now Canada FRAMED / Mentor, Jordan Canning Jenn Brown Our FRAMED Film Education Series partnered with ArtsNL and their ArtsSmarts series to create this film with Discovery Collegiate students, highlighting the history and revival of The Garrick Theatre in Bonavista, NL.
Swimming in the Imaginary Canada Susan Wolf Susan Wolf Susan Wolf A dream in the landscape of the mind. Commissioned by the Toronto Animated Image Society as part of the TAIS ABCs Residency. Participating animators were asked to create a one-minute short with the loose theme, “animate how you animate.” Swimming in the Imaginary is a symbolic and metaphorical take on the process of generating ideas for an animation. Animated by hand under camera at the Toronto Animated Image Society, February 14 – 20th, 2016.
Steps Canada Noémie Brassard Noémie Brassard Claudine Thériault Steps presents 10-year-old Josephine, who has one foot in childhood and the other in adolescence. Astonishingly brilliant, but mainly charming, she puts into words the changes happening inside her as well as around her; her body, her relationships, her imagination.
Sourdough Starter Canada Gail Noonan Gail Noonan Gail Noonan Sourdough Starter is a three-minute stop-motion animation based on a song of the same name. It is a tongue-in- cheek look at online dating with practical directions on how to make sourdough starter. References to various online sites are cryptically written into the lyrics in the search for both love and leavening.
Small Town, Big Musical Canada FRAMED / Mentor Jackie Hynes Jenn Brown Our FRAMED Film Education Series partnered with ArtsNL and their ArtsSmarts series to create this short film with local students about the 15-year history of the locally famous Laval High School musical in Placentia, NL.
Skip Canada / NL Jenina MacGillivray Jenina MacGillivray Kelly Davis Tamara Segura In a small town on the coast lives an optimistic young man who takes care of his recently widowed grandfather, admires the local store clerk from afar, and dreams of making something of himself through an unlikely endeavour: skipping stones.
Rien Sur Les Mocassins (Nothing about Moccasins) Canada Eden Mallina Awashish in collaboration with Wapikoni Mobile Team Eden Mallina Awashish There will be no film about moccasins.
Remembering Claire Canada Evelyn Pollock Evelyn Pollock Evelyn Pollock A man fights to hold onto his identity as his mind is ravaged by disease. From the tumble of recalled images forming his reality, a love story emerges.
Panthalassa USA Casey Follen Casey Follen Casey Follen Panthalassa, the all-powerful goddess, cracks Earth’s surface and plunges into an ancient superocean where she encounters interesting landscapes and creatures on her way to uncover the mysterious depths of the ocean basin.
Oscar Canada Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre Julie Roy Mixing animated sequences and archival footage, Oscar is a touching portrait of the virtuoso pianist Oscar Peterson at the twilight of an exceptional career, as he wistfully meditates on the price of fame and the impacts of the artist's life on family life.
Oh-Be-Joyful UK Susan Jacobson Kayleigh Llewellyn Katie Campbell Rita is about to kick the bucket, but before she does, she has one final thing to do: drag her granddaughter out of the closet.
OBEDJIWAN 5-0 Canada Fyanna Boivin in collaboration with Wapikoni Mobile Team Fyanna Boivin is 14 years old and wants to become a police officer. This is a portrait of an Atikamekw teen who wishes to travel untrodden paths.
Nutag-Homeland Canada Alisi Telengut Alisi Telengut Alisi Telengut A visual poem and surrealist requiem for the Kalmyk people that were mass-deported by USSR from 1943-1957. Half of them died before they were allowed to return home. The film manifests itself as an archetype with frame-by-frame hand painted imagery, bringing back an example of human history on the eternal theme of diaspora and the loss of homeland.
Mystery of the Secret Room Canada / NL Wanda Nolan Wanda Nolan Annette Clarke / Jon Montes This animated short film takes viewers on a spellbinding voyage between the real and the imaginary, following 10-year-old Grace as she uses her creative superpowers to navigate the emotional landscape of her mother’s depression. An inspiring portrait of family, adversity, and resilience, Mystery of the Secret Room celebrates the transformative potential of literature and the imagination.
Mr. Bernstein USA Francine Zuckerman Deb Filler, Guy Hamling Deb Filler, Francine Zuckerman, Jessica Adams After Debbie hears about her father's life-changing musical experience in a refugee camp, she tracks down the same famous orchestra conductor years later, with unexpected consequences.
Mamie Canada Janice Nadeau Janice Nadeau Corinne Destombes Marc Bertrand Mamie lives in Gaspésie in a house that faces away from the sea. Her granddaughter wonders: “Why isn’t Mamie interested in me or her other grandchildren? Why won’t she give me any affection or her beautiful blanket? What happened that made Mamie so indifferent?” In this wonderful animation of hand-painted watercolours, the filmmaker reaches back into her own childhood memories to share a personal and touching story about the break in “passing things on” between her and her grandmother.
Malignant Canada / NL Andrea Dunne Andrea Dunne Jackie Hynes Caroline is desperately seeking Jason's attention in their relationship when she discovers a lump in her breast.
January Hymn Ireland Katherine Canty Katherine Canty Tanja Harney A reflection on grief, January Hymn sees Clara return home for the first anniversary of her father’s Death.
Ingrid and the Black Hole Canada Leah Johnston Leah Johnston Leah Johnston, Walter Forsyth Two children experience a lifetime together when they imagine what it would be like to travel through a black hole.
In So Many Words Canada / NL Emily Bridger Emily Bridger Emily Bridger Two nearly-former lovers in the last conversation of their affair. He wants a clean out; she wants to savour any remaining romance.
Ida Here and There Canada / NL Melanie Oates Melanie Oates Jess Anderson, Melanie Oates Ida Here & There is an inside-out fairytale which follows a scraggly foster kid, Ida, as she becomes entangled with her three new strange and beautiful sisters.
High Tea Canada LuLu Keating LuLu Keating LuLu Keating In her old age, a woman rediscovers forbidden joy.
Grandma Learns to Drive Canada Dominique Keller Dominique Keller Dominique Keller 86 year-old Thérèse wants to get her driver's license. But is she too old to learn how to drive? And will her husband let her?
Good Grief Canada / NL FRAMED, Mentor Allison White Emily Bridger Jenn Brown Every year, FRAMED West brings our Film Education Series to Corner Brook where participants created this quirky dark comedy about a couple of cousins misbehaving at their beloved grandmother's funeral.
Father's Day Canada Arizona O’Neill Arizona O’Neill The Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema Austen, a 12-year-old girl, lives with her single mother in Montreal. Throughout the film, Austen examines whether she is exhibiting the negative traits that experts associate with girls from single parent homes. A surprise visit from her father, who has an impending court date, proves to be unexpectedly emotional for Austen. She decides that she is going to ignore all statistics about the failings of children with one parent and live up to her potential.
Dollface Canada Kristen Johnson Casey O'Brien A woman wakes up covered in toys. Is she hungover? Depressed? Can she get up? Live action and stop-motion animation fuse together in this mad ride exploring self-doubt, delusion, misplaced inner voices and embroidery floss.
Dogs Don't Breed Cats Canada Cristina Martins Cristina Martins, Sandra Lopes Martins Mathieu Elie, Cristina Martins Pregnant and homeless, Joëlle shows up at her father’s house. Even if Jeff, a solitary non-conformist former punk is reluctant to the idea, Joëlle decides to stay. Jeff is overwhelmed by the casualness of his daughter, whom he barely knows.
Crocuses Canada / NL Wanda Nolan Wanda Nolan Latonia Hartery On the last day of packing up her home, Rita can’t shake the regret she feels about her late husband.
Breakfast Australia Sonja Steyn Sonja Steyn Sonja Steyn Inspired by a well-known poem Déjeuner Du Matin by Jacques Prévert, this wordless short film is a domestic scene between a wife and her husband. The painful dullness of routined life and love echoes in her silence as she deals with her heartbreak.
Assini Canada Gail Maurice Gail Maurice Gail Maurice Assini and her friends love to play Cowboys & Indians – but nobody wants to be the Indian. When Assini learns that she’s an Indian, her world changes forever.
A Different Way Canada Felicity Justrabo Felicity Justrabo Michael Flax & Tricia Mcleod Luke Anderson wasn’t born with quadriplegia. Thirteen years ago, he went for a mountain bike ride that changed his life. Following another rider, he attempted a jump across a 25-foot opening, but instead, he missed the transition and broke two vertebrae in his spine. As Luke began his new way of life as wheelchair user, dating didn’t seem possible. A Different Way explores how Luke confronted his fears and began embracing personal relationships again.