Trailer of the Day: Belly (Part one of our "OMG, Wicked Animation" series)

Oh, the unbelievable brains that are out there. Look at the gorgeous things they can create! Just take a look at the Liquid Television-esque drawings in Belly.

Belly was directed by Julia Pott, and it screens before Indie Game: The Movie, on Thursday, October 18th, at 7pm at the LSPU Hall.

Here's the synopsis of Belly from Noreen Golfman:

We’d love to inhabit the mind of award-winning filmmaker Julia Pott, just to glimpse how a Belly could have been born. A multi-festival entry, this is an astonishingly imaginative piece of work, an animated journey into the awkward, uneasy experience of being 15—coincidentally, a recurring theme of several films in this festival. Oscar is the peculiarly conceived young soul whose body is changing, as it must, but whose capacity to understand the nature of that change is inhibited by the very facts of life. Pott has captured that relentless feeling of uncertainty in highly original ways, creating an entirely fabulous universe of strange yet familiar creatures. Weirdly stunning!