CBC Scripted Digital Originals

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In recent years, CBC has released an increasing number of Scripted Digital Original series on CBC.ca/watch and the CBC TV streaming service app, now called CBC Gem.Notables series include How To Buy A Baby, Save Me, Winston Rowntree's PeopleWatching, My 90-Year Old Roommate, The Amazing Gayl Pile and The Neddeaus of Duqesne Island.

What are they looking for?

We are primarily focusing on Comedy, Drama and Youth series composed of 10-15 minute episodes at around 6-10 episodes per season. We encourage narratives that boldly break tradition and we try and remain open minded to all forms. For example, do you have a concept with a strong 'A' story that would shine as a shorter format series? Do you have a series idea with a strong hook that subverts the typical 22- or 44-minute narrative structure? With CBC Digital Originals, content dictates form. There is no one type of program that we are looking for. Popular titles have included dramatic anthologies, mockumentaries, episodic comedies, serialized narratives, and everything in between. One thing that all of our most successful series have in common is an obsessive attention to the specific details of an underexplored world. We gravitate towards niche content that takes risks and appeals to an engaged audience -- one that is diverse, extremely discerning and that has discriminating tastes and attitudes.

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Mélanie Lê Phan

has worked for CBC Television in both Scripted and Unscripted programming since 2013. She is currently an Executive in Charge of Production for Scripted Digital Originals for CBC, overseeing production and development of mid-length series for CBC Gem and of social video series for the CBC Comedy feed. She has recently worked on the most recent seasons of The Amazing Gayl Pile, How to Buy A Baby and My 90-Year-Old Roommate in addition to other digital scripted series. Mélanie has also worked on digital unscripted content, including the doc series Farm Crime and The Artists as well as several CBC Docs: Shorts one-offs. She has previously held the position of Development Manager for Factual programming and CBC Docs (Firsthand, The Nature of Things). Prior to joining the CBC, Mélanie worked for the CMPA - BC Producer’s Branch and held various roles in independent production. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Images Festival in Toronto.