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Honey Bee

  • LSPU Hall 3 Victoria St. St. John's, NL A1C 3V2 Canada (map)

Honey Bee

Documentary filmmaker Rama Rau turns her talent to a dramatic subject, but you can see the strong hand of the doc realist in this moving coming-of-age story. Holding our unwavering attention from opening credits to The End is Julia Sarah Stone in the title role. As an underage prostitute named Natalie, she plays her part with stunning conviction, a member of a sex trade racket run by an odious pimp boyfriend. When a sting operation blows the whole operation, Natalie is at first placed in foster care where she endures some tough rural love. But there ain’t no keeping Natalie on that farm for long. Martha Plimpton in the role of foster mom who minds Natalie also shows her acting chops to our great satisfaction. The naturalism of all the performances and the steady, certain pace of the action keep us riveted throughout.

Director: Rama Rau
Writers: Bonnie Fairweather, Kathleen Hepburn
Producer: Sally Karam
Runtime: 93 Minutes
Country: Canada

Earlier Event: October 17
Later Event: October 18
Friday, October 18