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The sixth annual FRAMED West camp will take place April 24-28 and will be led by filmmaker Jenina MacGillivray with special technical instruction and guidance by Peter Buckle and editing by Victoria Wells. Participants will shoot a comedic short script written by Grenfell and FRAMED West alumni Jana Gillis.

No previous experience needed, and registration for the five-day camp is only $25 making it an incredible opportunity for aspiring filmmakers. We will be screening our new FRAMED West film along with our 2017 Films On The Go program of shorts on Saturday, April 29 at Grenfell Theatre. Admission is free and they are for a general audience.

The FRAMED West film will have its official premiere at the 28th annual St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival this October.

Want to participate? Get all the details on our FRAMED west page!