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Live Magazine! Volume 2, Issue 6 Curated by Jenn Brown

If you missed an opportunity to see Katatjanik Utippalianinga: The Return of Throat Singing, it's being screened at the next Live Magazine!  Volume 2, Issue 6, curated by Jenn Brown, executive director of the St. John's International Women's Film Festival.

Live Magazine
Volume 2 Issue 6
Monday, April 10th, 8pm, Tickets $5 at the door!

Jenn Brown is passionate about good storytellers and showcasing amazing women creating powerful work. She was thrilled to curate a fantastic and diverse lineup of local artists for this issue of Live Magazine. 

Join us for a film screening of the celebrated short doc Katatjanik Utippalianinga: The Return of Throat Singing from Nain, a DIY art and activism talk with Mary Beth Moores, a contemporary Belly Dance with Seraka Dance Company, and a music set by the wicked new punk band Yee Grlz. Free Vegan sweets and a Popcorn Bar plus Happy Hour Drink Specials. Tickets only $5 and it's an early show.

Jenn Brown is a theatre and film artist from outport Newfoundland. She received a BFA in Theatre from Memorial University’s Grenfell Campus and is the Executive Director of the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival. Jenn is Co-Chair of the Cultural Artists Plan for Emergencies (CAPE) Fund, member of the Board of Directors for the Women’s Work Festival, and gets excited about working with new people and collaborative projects.

Katatjanik Utippalianinga: The Return of Throat Singing
The community of Nain in northern Labrador is rich with breathtaking landscapes and people with a strong storytelling history. Created through the St. John's International Women's Film Festival's FRAMED film educations series in partnership with the Nunatsiavut Government, this film explores throat singing- a special talent and traditional game for both fun and public entertainment, which was nearly destroyed but has since been revived. 

DIY Art + Activism with Mary Beth Moores
Mary Beth Moores is a local artist in the city who is highly inspired by women and the lgbtq+ community. She is self taught and has been drawing her whole life but only within the past few years has she really expressed herself in her unique style. In October 2016 she was a chosen artist to present her work in the "Amber Rose Slutwalk" in Los Angeles, CA which is notable movement for women's rights worldwide. Using her art, she hopes to inspire more women to express themselves and show the true power they hold. 

Contemporary Belly Dance with Seraka Dance Company
Composed of professional belly dance artists, Seraka Dance Company performs their signature style of contemporary and fusion belly dance in St. John’s NL. Exploring a range of movement vocabularies and music, paired with precise technique, Seraka has been creating elegant and dynamic works together since 2010. 

Music by Yee Grlz
Yee Grlz are a four piece friend band born after a banner year for new faces in the St. John's punk music scene. Sweet and sour; bitter and salty, Yee Grlz feed you all the emotional favours you might be craving after another day in this tiny town, delivered to you in fast and catchy songs.