1989 Films

Half of the Kingdom Beverly Schaffer A one hour documentary profiling several Jewish women who are challenging the perception of women in traditional Judaism.
Illuminated Lives A witty animated short that challenges some enduring myths about medieval women and shows what their lives were really like.
Working Nights The world of female night workers, an inside view of their job conditions and private lives, is the subject of this 20-minute filmic essay.
Goddess Remembered Donna Read Examining the earliest forms of goddess worship and the forgotten roots of women’s spirituality. Interviews with prominent female spiritualists, including Starhawk, Charlene Spretnak, and Merlin Stone raise questions about historical misreadings, also linking today’s environmental crises to the loss of the goddess culture.
Adam's World Elizabeth Dodson Grey A short filmed lecture by Elizabeth Dodson Grey, who speaks from a feminist perspective on ecology and women’s place in history.
Russian Diary Terri Nash This half-hour impressionistic film tells the story of two Canadian women as they meet ordinary Soviet citizens.
Elling Lien