1990 Films

Unnatural Causes Canda 1989 Maureen Judge Through a blend of satire and irony, performance artist Lillian Allen challenges the official postcard-perfect image of social reality in the Canadian urban environment.
In Her Chosen Field Canada 1989 Barbara Evans Farm women share their views on agriculture today while demonstrating how they are organizing to come to grips with the economic and social problems that they face.
African Market Women Series: From the Shore (16 mins) & Fair Trade (27 mins.) Canada 1990 Barbara Doran Newfoundland filmmaker Doran traveled to Kenya and Tanzania to film this series on market women who have, through special credit programs, established or expanded their businesses.
The Burning Times Canada 1990 Donna Read Companion film to Goddess Remembered, Read’s latest film is about witch hunts, past and present, and the hidden agenda of the inquisition. This film is a chilling reminder of the women's holocaust and its continuing relevance to contemporary society.
In Search of the Last Good Man Canada 1989 Peg Campbell An animated cut-out of Marilyn Monroe holds a jar of beauty cream. The top pops off and a flock of men led by Charles Atlas flies out. Six girlfriends gather in an expresso bar and as usual the talk turns to men. Suddenly, a stream of men arrives and the Search for the Last Good Man in on.
In the House of Sleeping Children Canada 1990 Lori Carke, Eva Madden A short experimental film that explores aspects of dream image, sleeping and waking. Conceived as part of a larger, performance piece called Dreaming in Houses. Clarke has chosen to work with images of house and body in an attempt to awaken memories that live within them.
George and Rosemary Canada 1987 Alison Snowden, David Fine A warm, whimsical and hilarious animated film about two golden-agers who find passionate romance.
Give Us A Smile UK 1983 Leeds Animation Workshop A witty and challenging film combining fast-moving animation and live action which shows, from one woman’s point of view, the effect of constant harassment which women lives with every day.
Out to Lunch UK 1989 Leeds Animation Workshop Witty and thought provoking, this film, set in a cafe, brings together themes of language and space to show how women’s lives are constrained by male expectations.
Five Feminist Minutes Canada 1990 To celebrate its 15th anniversary in 1989, the NFB’s Studio D invited women across Canada to submit film proposals for “snapshots of the world from a feminist perspective”. Each of the 16 films selected were produced independently in collaboration with Studio D, Regards de Femmes and NFB Studios across Canada.
Nice Coloured Girls Australia 1987 Tracy Moffatt This dramatic experimental film focuses on Aboriginal women living in urban Australia. The women practice “picking up a Captain” as a way of getting back at those who oppress them.
Black Mother Black Daughter Canada 1989 Sylvia Hamilton, Claire Prieto Black Mother black Daughter is a moving testament to black women who have struggled for over 200 years to create and maintain a home and community in Nova Scotia.
Incident at Restigouche Canada 1984 Alanis Obomsawin In June 1981, quebec provincial Police raided Restigouche Reserve. The issue-the salmon-fishing rights of the Micmac people. This investigation is a powerful film that puts justice on trial.
Older Stronger Wiser Canada 1989 Claire Prieto Older Stronger Wiser provides important glimpses of what life was like for black women in Canada in the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.
Toying With Their Future Canada 1990 Claire Nadon This Studio D production takes a critical look at the toy industry focusing on war games aimed at young boys and sexist dolls and games marketed to young girls.
Russian Diary 1989 Terri Nash, Bonnie Sherr Klein Based on the diary kept by Oscar-winning Nash (If You Love This Planet), when she and Klein were in the USSR shooting a documentary about women in the peace movement, Russian Diary captures the tensions and contradictions of a society on the threshold of change.
Rewriting the Script: Feminism in Art in Ontario Canada 1988 WARC This video explores feminist art and the issues that have had an impact upon women artists.
Fragments of a Conversation on Language Canada 1990 Nora Alleyn Feminist writers address the issue of sexism in our language.
Outport Lesbian Canada 1985 Cathy Jones From her one-woman show “Wedding in Texas”, Jones plays a cheerful lesbian who lives with her parents in a Newfoundland outport.
Kate & Anna McGarrigle Canada 1981 Caroline Leaf Animation and documentary techniques create an easy-going mood for this informal look at these two singer-songwriters.
Sweet Sugar Rage Jamaica 1986 Honor Ford-Smith, Harclyde Walcott & the Sistren Theatre Collective Set against the pulsating beat of reggae, Sweet Sugar Rage is a stark account of the harsh conditions affecting women workers in Jamaican sugarcane fields.
Our Daily Bread Chile 1987 Gloria Camiruaga A tribute to the life of ordinary baker who died at age 22. This video depicts the routineness of disappearance, mutilation and death.
With Cold, With Rain, With Heat… Chile 1986 C.A.D.A. A documentary video about a woman worker in extreme poverty who earns her living by sorting out trash from the bins in the streets.
Woman Word Chile 1986 Lotty Rosenfeld A documentary about street demonstrations by Chilean women in their struggle for the return of democracy.
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