1995 Films

Overdose Canada 1994 Thérèse Descary A brilliant little fable about unintentionally bad parenting. Overdose is recommended for anyone who’s ever pushed anyone to get ahead for their own good, and for kids who’ve been pushed there and lived to hear the tale. From the Right From the Heart series, commissioned by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Eden Valley UK 1994 Amber Collective Much like Dream On showed us the hard-human world of fiesty women, Eden Valley looks at the raw but equally needy world of men--morons and lugs, saints and sinners, jerks and jerkees, fathers and sons. The Amber Production Team, who insist on being credited as a group, offer us a working model for the kind of films we believe should be made more often.
The Novice USA/Mexico 1995 Judy Hecht Dumontet Set in 1938, the film tells the story of Teresa (no relation), whose mother swears on her deathbed that she had never had relations with a man, and Teresa enters the Convent of Our Lady of Sorrows and starts practicing sainthood. The Novice explores that moment when the line between the discipline of chastity and the frenzy of desire becomes as blurred as saint’s tears.
The Ring USA 1995 Marisé Samitier What is it with this nun thing, anyway? A desire to sustain purity or to eliminate fashion choices? As this film shows, sisterhood is hard enough to achieve outside the convent, let alone behind cloistered walls, or in our dreams.
Unbound Canada 1995 Claudia Morgado No, this film is not about a recovering masochist. It;s about breasts. that’s right, breasts. It would be easy to write this film up to sound ridiculous, but that’s because we’re just not used to seeing films about ourselves in this way. Morgado’s little film is a hymn to the unfettered look, regardless of the size and shapes of those things we got that everyone wants.
Your Name in Cellulite Canada 1995 Gail Noonan This film hilariously tells the obvious in the most mindfully witty ways. the gap between our natural bodies and the idealized bodies of fashion culture is as wide as Roseanne's paycheques. It’s hard to feel good about yourself in a world where Cindy Crawford sets the gold standard. But why do we even try? Noonan sends us all up, and exits laughing all the way to the full length mirror.
The Last Trip Canada 1995 Sylvie Van Brabant A searching documentary about three young men from Northern Labrador who entered a suicide pact. The film begins with an amazing record of the pact itself, a set of diary notes and drawings that in their clarity of purpose at once reveal and baffle. The track of their self-annihilating intentions is clear, but what drove them across the country to Vancouver to end their lives in such a sad and mysterious way? The film doesn’t pretend to have the answer, but it does open us up to larger questions about teenage isolation and anxiety. The Last Trip illuminates a dark subject with such force of intelligent purpose that you end up both feeling moved and made wiser by having seen it.
Shock is Spreading Yugoslavia 1995 Olivera Todorovi A kinetic complaint of noisy protest. This is an exuberant video essay on the youth and arts culture thriving and striving to get beyond the dead-end nihilism of a political nightmare. The delirious images we see here never even remotely make it to the “war-torn” cliches of daily news coverage. This is a new kind of TV, rhythmic and pulsating with dissent in the service of progress, not self-destruction.
This is the End of Me Canada 1994 Kim Thompson A film about a parliamentarian who was run over by a train in Britain in 1830. This might make you say...whaaa? But this film is not so much about that as how history might be represented. We think it’s a masterpiece. Truly clever, never boring, always witty. Creator Thompson follows several parallel tracks of narrative at once, while the film loops around to its inevitable conclusion.
TheEncounter/LaRencontre Canada 1994 Lucie Lachapelle Another documentary in the finest tradition of the NFB/ONF, a compelling portrait of Francophone women, and men, who have chosen to live among the 1% Amerindian and Inuit population of la belle province. What works here is the way the film opens itself up to questions of belonging, and to the inevitable contradictions and frustrations that evolve from living among people of different tribal cultures. Just because you might like to “fit in” doesn’t mean you always can. Lachapelle probes the potential of intercultural space, and works from top to bottom--from Ungava Bay to Montreal. A rich and challenging documentary.
The True Story of Linda M Canada 1995 Norma Bailey In 1979 Norma Bailey made an uncompromising documentary about a prostitute, then named Tina. In 1995 she offers us a year in the life of Linda M, no longer a prostitute, but plagued with recovery problems. This film is a sometimes harrowing account of Linda and her struggle to raise her children, beat cross-addictions, and face the hidden demons and even the child of her past. The camera becomes a second party to Linda’s life, like an invited guest who doesn’t know enough to go home.
Bob's Birthday Canada 1993 Alison Snow, David Fine An Oscar-winning short, a delight of animation, and a riot of a story. Poor Bob, he’s a frustrated dentist who comes to see that there might be more to life than molar and plaque. It’s his 40th birthday party and he’ll cry if he wants to.
What Does a Lesbian Look Like? Canada 1994 Shawna Dempsey, Lori Millan Good question. How can you tell? Flannel shirt? Peace symbol earrings? Hairy legs?...some stereotypes need to be thrown out with k.d. lang’s meat freezer.
Un Artiste/An Artist Canada 1994 Michèl Cournoyer This one is too beautiful to miss. It’s the animated story of a young girl who practices her creative musical expression without her family noticing what all the genius is about. Simply gorgeous, but startlingly sophisticated. This is another short in the Rights From the Heart series commissioned for the UN’s Year of the Child.
Emotional Logic: William Douglas Transformed Canada 1994 Lisa Cochrane Montreal is the home of dance artist William Douglas, a brilliant choreographer whose battle with AIDS changed all the moves. What makes this move a celebration of Douglas’ poetic genius is the director’s obvious appreciation of how the artist shapes the geometry of space. A dance move in every sense, a tribute that speaks best by showing, not preaching. A brilliant first-time doc by a former dancer herself, this film is an absolute must-watch. Inspiration enough to make you skip naked in your kitchen.
Ask Me Canada 1995 Carol Beecher Innovative and perky. This film is an exercise in camera-less animation. You scratch your images painstakingly onto a filmstock, color them in, add a little sound, and you get a strictly hands-on experiment that works wonders.
Work UK 1995 Rachel Davies Animation combines with live action to yield a fruitful creative merger about work. It’s Unreal City, and the crowd is flowing over London Bridge in the usual brown fog. Walking through T.S. Eliot’s waste land like an alienated reject from an Oxford Street emporium is a cut-up girl without a job. Work isn't oppressive itself. The film just show oppression well, and how alienating a world it is for a young woman without a job.
Guilty UK 1994 Jocelyn Cammack A short urban thriller. How unusual a drama this is really remains to be seen. What we especially like is the way Cammack manages her time and resources, exploiting the limits of twelve intense minutes to their full dramatic potential. The setting is the city, the character is named Yemi, a young black man who would appear to be caught in a cycle of urban crime. Or is he? Clever and compelling, this film has been preselected as a definitely suitable subject for post-viewing pub chat.
Sullivan's Last Call USA 1995 Fran Rizzo Described by the filmmaker as “as sexy little film about celibacy”, this film is another dramatic short that takes you to the quick rather deftly. In less than twenty minutes, Rizzo crafts a superbly nuanced story of a troublesome encounter. She Sullivan; he Man. Will they do it? Do they want to? Will she answer the phone? You’ll feel like having a cigarette afterwards anyway--it’s that sexy.
Henry Seahorse UK 1994 Helen Underwood A “true” story that taps the most melodious of sounds you’ve heard in a long while, the sound of a woman’s voice. this film aims at revealing how children intuit the world. In three minutes, this lyrical tale draws us into the watery world of dream and imagination, to a place we remember and perhaps have forgotten.
When the Night is Falling Canada 1994 Patricia Rozema This is a girl-meets-girl story for adults, without apology or sheepish difference to hetero tastes. The film aims to promote a letting go of mind and body so difficult to achieve in these woolly northern climates. However, When Night is Falling is also very much in the reality of emerging sexual identity. It’s very hot and very sexy, right in the middle of wintery central Canada.
Interior. House. Day. 1995 Sharon Cavanagh If you’ve ever gone house hunting, you’ll love this short from this St. John’s filmmaker. Fro the sleazoid real estate agent to other people’s family pictures, the experience is uncomfortable, but the search is for comfort. And don’t we usually find that in the strangest places?
Krta-Kali Yuga 1978 Francine Fleming From the newest film to one of the oldest--accomplished local filmmaker Fleming generously offers a glimpse of one of her student films. A beautiful visual work.
A Short HIstory of Manners 1993 Nancy Winsor Winsor presents a playful look at all of the social niceties that we’ve come to accept--or is it fear? this film is a historical-political commentary that offers a sure cure for all your wrong concerns about using the wrong fork. If you laugh to tears, feel free to use your sleeve.
Away Zone 1989 Peggy Hogan Fright wigs, body parts real and imagined, overstuffed chairs getting more stuffed by the minute--one would be hard put to say much more about this piece. In past years at the festival, audiences requested that this film be screened again.
Multiple Choice 1989 Debbie McGee A film researched addicted to consumption meets the ideological defiance of the poor-but-not-downtrodden, with hilarious results. This early drama by Debbie McGee stands the test of time.
The Trunk 1994 Anita McGee A poignant short about a young girl who discovers a secret in her mother’s trunk and releases a flood of memories. The director makes deft use of dramatic form to reveal a story common in Newfoundland experience.
Personal Hystories 1995 Pam Hall Initially screened at the festival as a work in progress, the finished product is a finely worked documentary on hysterectomy, full of women’s wisdom and wit. The film is infused with rich visual images over casual conversation, which results in a reaffirmation of the strength and humor available to women.
Ordinary Desires 1993 Lisa Porter This filmeo was produced as part of Lisa Porter’s one-woman stage production of the same name. And what are ordinary desires? Something about love and the garbage man, but it all makes sense, you’ll see.
Come into My Parlour 1990 Mary Lewis Produced though the NFB Five Feminist Minutes program of Studio D, this work relates personal anecdote against a backdrop of stills animation to create a loving portrait of a woman we can all admire, if not envy.
When Women Are Crazy Canada 1991 Rosemary House An early work by an accomplished local filmmaker, this film combines the poetic narrative with poetic image to create a totally beautiful and charming filmic experience. and isn’t it just like life?
Elling Lien