1996 Films

Mum's the Word Canada 1996 Paul Carrière Danièle Caloz Somehow the people who made this engaging documentary managed to persuade four strong-willed women in Sudbury Park to speak to the camera about their courageous experience leaving the world of heterosexuality behind. Imagine it: coming out in Sudbury, shocking husbands, children and neighbours alike. Mum’s the Word follows these women to the Bahamas where we see and hear them unwind with pleasure.
The Powder Room Canada 1996 Anne Kennard Michael Allder The public washroom is no longer sacred after Anne Kennard gets through with it. This coyly titled film is no delicate exercise in eavesdropping. Camera and crew found their audacious way into water closets all over the world, wherever women congregate to recharge, gossip, put on makeup and read graffiti...or, in other words, where women go to freshen up. This film is amazing for its gutsy invasion of a private sphere that many women seemed willing to expose for this wonderful film. The effect is disarming, funny, at times a little sad, and certainly scary for male spectators.
Dinner for Two Canada 1996 Janet Pearlman Barrie McLean In the great tradition of NFB animation, this charming and beautiful fable of how a small argument changes the world carries on with gusto. This film draws from the same well of folklore as Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin and extends the delightful hybrid world of humankind and the animal kingdom even further. This lovely and poignant tale is for adults of all ages.
I'm Your Man Canada 1996 Roslyn Schwartz Marcy Page If there’s a straight woman out there who hasn’t at one time figured she could change Leonard Cohen’s philandering ways forever, raise your right eyebrow. On the other hand, any guy who writes a song called “I’m Your Man” with a straight face deserves a sweet little ironic punch in the lyrics now and then, and this clever little animated film sure delivers the old high-love to our Lenny-boy. Schwartz’s technique relies on photo-collage, mixed media, and stock footage to produce an unforgettable mock tribute to one of our national icons of testosterone.
Cactus Swing Canada 1996 Beth Portman, Susan Crandall Susan Crandall, Jerry D. Krepalevich Animation with a western flavour, this is an exercise that shows what can be done with a good crayola set and bags of talent. it’s not as easy as it looks, and the fun of this film lies not only in its musical surprises but in its laboured-with-love joie de cinema. The directors line dance their way into our heads with this accomplished little achievement. Only cowgirls get the cues.
Hollywood Handshake USA 1994 Bianca Bob Miller Bianca Bob Miller A festival favourite. This film has enough saucy inventiveness to have driven us to track down the director in her NY City bed. still creative after all these years. What else is there to say but...Bub-bye!?
I Shot Andy Warhol USA 1996 Mary Harron Scheduled with the MUN Cinema Series, this Cannes/Sundance winner might be best appreciated as a hindsighful look at the moment when feminism hit pop culture with a pistol. Lucidly focused on the real life bio of Valerie Solanis, this docu-film dares to dignify through context. Solanis drove herself nuts trying to get the attention of the famous Factory crowd whose self-absorption tragically overlooked her menacing mania. In 1968 she fired a near-fatal bullet into Andy’s gut,leading to his further paranoia, the end of a wild frivolity, and the achievement of this movie. Curious but never mocking, this film dramatically conveys the historical confluence of art, capitalism, and feminism through one woman’s sad energetic plight. If you think you’re a radical feminist, you ain’t seen nothing yet.
Elling Lien