Film Industry Forum

In concert with the annual Festival, the St. John's International Women's Film Festival hosts the Film Industry Forum. Over five-days the Forum brings some of the country’s leading film, television and digital media creators to St. John's for a series of panels, workshops, networking opportunities, pitch sessions, and project consultations for content creators of all levels. 

The Forum is the largest industry event in the province and is viewed with much respect across Canada. It attracts high-calibre delegates through it's innovative programming, generous and candid panelists,  intimate venues, and our strong connection to the local community.

In celebration of our 30th anniversary, all regular Forum panels at the Alt Hotel as well as our Visionaries event at Club One are FREE TO ATTEND!

Check out our 2019 schedule of events below (subject to change):



Carol Whiteman.jpg

Courtney Wolfson, Producer
Toronto WebFest
"I was so happy to see so many talented artists, amazing women, and friendly people. (Multiple venues) allowed me to get out and see more of St. John's as a visitor, and I especially enjoyed being integrated into the arts community there. I was pleasantly surprised to notice the arts scene is huge!"



Heidi Brander, Writer and Comedian
This Hour Has 22 Minutes

"What an incredible festival! I am already very familiar with the kindness and generosity of Newfoundlanders and the gorgeousness of St. John’s, but this festival managed to do the impossible and exceed my already high expectations. The panel was an absolute joy! It was incredibly well-organized, so much fun, and I learned a lot from the other panelists as well. The Newfoundland film scene is really thriving right now and I really got a sense that it’s because of the tight-knit, supportive community backing it up."



Richie O'Donnell, International Filmmaker (Ireland)
"Screening at the SJIWFF was an unforgettable experience. The festival made great effort to put on events that allowed directors and producers from varying backgrounds to share their experiences, and discuss opportunities for working on future co-productions. Learning how other producers approached international co-productions gave me a new insight and encouragement for my next project. The intimate and relaxed nature of the festival, combined with a very strong programme of films and events with film-makers in mind, made the SJIWFF the best film-maker focused festival that I have attended as a director.



Latonia Hartery, Filmmaker

"Events like these are critical for developing our film community as a whole, as well as developing filmmakers on an individual level. They provide local female filmmakers access to some of the most high profile female industry players in all of Canada."


Chris Agoston.png

Chris Agoston, Filmmaker
The Plateaus and Cast No Shadow

"As a speaker in the Lunch With the Filmmakers panel, it was an incredible thing to speak so candidly and openly about a film we all worked so hard to make, with a hugely enthusiastic audience.  The panel was well timed, very well moderated, and gave us all a rare opportunity as filmmakers to connect directly with our audience."