Incubator Alumni Headed to New Montreal Residency

In partnership with CBC Newfoundland & Labrador and Les Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois, four IIP alumni will receive follow up consultations before they travel to Montreal in February 2017 to attend Rendez-vous Pro, a three-day gathering of professionals from Canada and Europe to discuss, network, and plan future interactive projects. 

Congratulations to our Montreal Residency Winners!

Claire Blanchet (QC), Latonia Hartery (NL), Michelle Rex Bailey (NL), and Jenna MacMillan (PEI).

Michelle Rex Bailey's project Not Written in Stone captures the personal stories behind various roadside memorials on the Trans Canada Highway and other highway routes. In addition to a documentary film, Bailey plans to put together an interactive road map.

Latonia Hartery's project is named Out of Necessity: The Story of Newfoundland's Seal Skin Boots and focusses on saving and promoting a 5000-year-old craft, especially on the Northern Peninsula. Alongside a documentary, Hartery will be building an interactive website for a deeper look at the industry.

Claire Blanchet is an animation director/animator and art director who is now looking to shift her focus to interactive media, and game design specifically. Blanchet has been developing a video game titled Fawn. 

Jenna MacMillan is currently working on several projects in Prince Edward Island, including an interactive digital series titled The Genius Project -- a social action campaign designed to encourage young women to redefine their passion as their genius, with the aim to increase confidence and enthusiasm. MacMillan is also working on an interactive documentary series to promote healing and empowering for sexual abuse survivors. 

Candice Walsh