The NLFDC has been mandated to promote the development of the indigenous film and video industry in the Province, as well as to promote the Province in national and international film and video markets as a location for film, television, and commercial productions.


What are they looking for?

NLFDC is open to being pitched anything that is an eligible production under their programs. Criteria can be viewed at


Dorian Rowe

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For the past seven years Dorian has directly managed television and film equity investments and tax credits. He has also worked extensively in production, post-production and as a show-runner in film and television, spearheading two documentary television series and working in various capacities, especially editing, on many television projects and feature films. He has served on the board executives of a number of organizations central to local creative industries, and spent several years as Professional Development Administrator at the NLFDC, a role in which he was directly responsible for training initiatives. Within Government, he has been responsible for music and cultural export programs in addition to taking a lead in screen industry and digital media projects. He has worked with Government and companies to develop a provincial interactive digital media tax credit, which the NLFDC now co-administers. Nationally, he is currently Co-Chair of the National Tax Credit Committee, and serves on the Association of Provincial Funding Agencies.


Laura Churchill

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Laura Churchill has been working in the Newfoundland & Labrador Film Industry for over a decade. As the Industry Analyst for the Newfoundland and Labrador Film Development Corporation (NLFDC), her focus is on professional development and helping burgeoning filmmakers with their careers.  She has a talent for connecting emerging and midlevel industry professionals with the right people and can send you on the best path to get your project off the ground.