The Goodnight Kiss

Amy and Brandon have just ended what appears to be a very good first date. As they kiss we flash through their entire relationship. Which begs the question: if you knew how a relationship would end, would you start it in the first place?


A woman wakes up covered in toys. Is she hungover? Depressed? Can she get up? Live action and stop-motion animation fuse together in this mad ride exploring self-doubt, delusion, misplaced inner voices and embroidery floss.

The Woman Who Saw The Bear

Since 1980, Lucille Côté has lived in Laterrière, surrounded by more than 250 animals. With a silver mane and a candid demeanor, Lucille practices a craft that has long been the exclusive domain of men: taxidermy. Through various contemplative and country-flavoured tableaux, we meet a particular breed of taxidermist, living outside of the digital age, with enough skills to get by in the woods without a compass or a frying pan.


Mamie lives in Gaspésie in a house that faces away from the sea. Her granddaughter wonders: “Why isn’t Mamie interested in me or her other grandchildren? Why won’t she give me any affection or her beautiful blanket? What happened that made Mamie so indifferent?” In this wonderful animation of hand-painted watercolours, the filmmaker reaches back into her own childhood memories to share a personal and touching story about the break in “passing things on” between her and her grandmother.


Steps presents 10-year-old Josephine, who has one foot in childhood and the other in adolescence. Astonishingly brilliant, but mainly charming, she puts into words the changes happening inside her as well as around her; her body, her relationships, her imagination.


Inspired by a well-known poem Déjeuner Du Matin by Jacques Prévert, this wordless short film is a domestic scene between a wife and her husband. The painful dullness of routined life and love echoes in her silence as she deals with her heartbreak.

A Different Way

Luke Anderson wasn’t born with quadriplegia. Thirteen years ago, he went for a mountain bike ride that changed his life. Following another rider, he attempted a jump across a 25-foot opening, but instead, he missed the transition and broke two vertebrae in his spine. As Luke began his new way of life as wheelchair user, dating didn’t seem possible. A Different Way explores how Luke confronted his fears and began embracing personal relationships again.

Swimming in the Imaginary

Commissioned by the Toronto Animated Image Society as part of the TAIS ABCs Residency. Participating animators were asked to create a one-minute short with the loose theme, “animate how you animate.” Swimming in the Imaginary is a symbolic and metaphorical take on the process of generating ideas for an animation. Animated by hand under camera at the Toronto Animated Image Society, February 14 – 20th, 2016. 


Mixing animated sequences and archival footage, Oscar is a touching portrait of the virtuoso pianist Oscar Peterson at the twilight of an exceptional career, as he wistfully meditates on the price of fame and the impacts of the artist's life on family life.


A visual poem and surrealist requiem for the Kalmyk people that were mass-deported by USSR from 1943-1957. Half of them died before they were allowed to return home. The film manifests itself as an archetype with frame-by-frame hand painted imagery, bringing back an example of human history on the eternal theme of diaspora and the loss of homeland.