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The Goodnight Kiss

Amy and Brandon have just ended what appears to be a very good first date. As they kiss we flash through their entire relationship. Which begs the question: if you knew how a relationship would end, would you start it in the first place?

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A woman wakes up covered in toys. Is she hungover? Depressed? Can she get up? Live action and stop-motion animation fuse together in this mad ride exploring self-doubt, delusion, misplaced inner voices and embroidery floss.

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The Woman Who Saw The Bear

Since 1980, Lucille Côté has lived in Laterrière, surrounded by more than 250 animals. With a silver mane and a candid demeanor, Lucille practices a craft that has long been the exclusive domain of men: taxidermy. Through various contemplative and country-flavoured tableaux, we meet a particular breed of taxidermist, living outside of the digital age, with enough skills to get by in the woods without a compass or a frying pan.

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