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Wolf, a homeless young woman sleeps on a mattress in an abandoned building in Sydney's Redfern. Having broken her probation for the assault of Ky at a woman's refuge, she sells drugs to survive. One day in the squat she finds a baby abandoned. Left alone, with the baby Wolf must decide; return the baby to the woman's refuge and hand herself to police, or run. 

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Be the Change

Be the Change documents Stella's Circle Inclusion Choir's experience writing an original song with Juno Award winning singer/songwriter Amelia Curran. This insightful and heartwarming film celebrates themes of inclusion and community. The Stella's Circle Inclusion Choir includes participants, staff and volunteers. Participants face barriers from fully participating in their community, including mental health issues, addictions, criminal justice involvement, homelessness and poverty. Funding for this project was received from the Government of Canada, Canada 150 Fund. 

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