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Inquiry Into the Shape of the Earth

This video is a performative experiment to examine if the earth is flat or spherical through a re-enactment of Samuel Rowbotham’s 19th century inquiry. Using Rowbotham’s protocol undertaken on the Bedford Canal in England, this recreation is a Canadian-winter/Labrador version using the flat expanse of the frozen Lake Melville as the research site. The results bring into questions things that most people blindly accept as fact about the shape of the earth.

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Spirits of the Temple

History, politics, power and secrecy built and defined the Masonic Temple in historic downtown St. John’s for decades. A new and exciting spirit has entered the Temple recently, leading it through an evolution, though whispers of the metaphysical continue. Spirits of the Temple is a documentary short whose central character is this special building of unique heritage. Through a series of interviews, this film presents a portrait of this fascinating character.

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On the Ridge Line

Following the pace of his footsteps, a wanderer’s imagination is awakened. His gait stirs up memories. He becomes the mountaineer he once was, rediscovering the snow ridge he loved so much, the one that nearly consumed him. The wanderer continues his reflection, time passes. Then, a fall propels him to the heart of his childhood. In the meadows everything looks beautiful, but a challenge presents itself and interrupts the time of innocence.

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