Supes Legit Productions

Supes Legit Productions is the comedy arm of Waterford Valley Pictures; a production company which focuses on telling stories from across the world which explore various social justice issues with a variety of filmmakers, in a multitude of mediums.

Moving into comedy when they produced and directed a hundred and fifty digital episodes of Canadian Screen Award nominated The Beaverton Digital, Campbell pursued comedy, combining forces with creator, writer, social media manager and actor Kristy LaPointe. Together they created and produced the digital series #interns and Yoga 101, which was commissioned by CBC comedy and has hundreds of thousands of views online. The team is currently developing multiple digital projects including properties with Second City Alum Kirsten Rasmussen and Leigh Cameron, their first feature film Let’s Do This and several television properties. Supes Legit is interested in bringing much needed diversity to the comedy world in all elements in front of and behind the camera and adheres to strict rules of inclusivity and telling stories from underrepresented voices.

What We’re Looking For

Lora is here representing Supes Legit Productions but also runs Waterford Valley Pictures so it’s anyone’s game in terms of content format and genre. Features, TV, and digital are all interested of Lora’s in the format’s of documentary, narrative, series, one offs, features, etc. and genres can be comedy, sci-fi, drama, etc. At the SJIWFF Lora is looking to meet and potentially partner with female and gender minority content creators from marginalized backgrounds who are telling compelling stories. The genre and format could be anything.



Lora Campbell (pronouns: they/them) is a gender non-binary Canadian Screen Award nominated content creator from Newfoundland, Canada who has been creating award winning projects for over a decade. A graduate of the Canadian Film Centre’s Producers Lab, their production company Waterford Valley Pictures focuses on exploring stories from underrepresented voices. With over a dozen award winning shorts under their belt that have played over two hundred festivals across the globe, Lora went on to produce and direct over one hundred and fifty digital episodes for The Beaverton Digital in 2017. The same year they formed comedy based production company, Supes Legit Productions with longtime collaborator Kristy LaPointe, to create and produce numerous digital series including #interns, Yoga 101 and most recently Soul Decision Comedy for CBC Digital. In 2018 their digital series Swings was short listed for the Independent Production Fund and their feature film 40 Acres was awarded the Telefilm Talent to Watch grant and will go to camera in Spring 2019.